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The county seat in the Hamilton County area, the city of Cincinnati stands in the state of Ohio, on the eastern side of America. With a population exceeding 300,000 and many historic buildings, Cincinnati is known for its southern charm and impressive architecture.

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Downtown Cincinnati is the city's main district, a bustling area which is central to local life and home to the spacious Fountain Square, which dates back to the early 1870s and contains the eye-catching 'Genius of the Waters' fountain. Cincinnati's downtown district also contains a range of entertainment venues, together with a good selection of shops, restaurants, hotels and seasonal events, being structured as an organized gridwork of streets, which are easy to traverse.

The tallest structure in the whole of Cincinnati is Carew, dominating the city's skyline. Located to the north of Cincinnati's downtown district lies Coreyville, which encompasses the University of Cincinnati and is a particularly lively part of the city, featuring a range of pubs, wine bars and cafés. On the eastern side of Cincinnati, the Mount Adams district offers superb views of the Ohio River and a range of shopping opportunities, while nearby Hyde Park is the place to head for fashion boutiques and some of Cincinnati's best restaurants.

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